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The physician and staff at Baylor Scott & White Headache Medicine Specialists of North Texas - Dallas are actively involved in developing the quality of care parameters to improve outcomes for patients suffering from headache disorders and are committed to building a center of excellence in headache diagnosis and management. 

Our physician will work with patients every step of the way to understand the cause of their headaches and devise a comprehensive and individualized approach to treatment.


Preparing for Your First Visit

Your first visit at BSW Headache Medicine Specialists of North Texas - Dallas will be very thorough.  Plan to spend a few hours.  Depending on your evaluation and our findings, you may be prescribed a series of outpatient treatments which may include a series of intravenous infusion treatments, and possible inpatient treatments at Baylor University Medical Center located in downtown Dallas, TX.  If inpatient treatment is recommended, we will develop a treatment plan that will best stabilize and improve your headache condition.  Once your condition is stabilized, we will look to create an effective, long-term outpatient plan involving you and other healthcare providers.

We felt it was important to emphasize the following points and recommendations before your first visit.

  • This will be a very thorough diagnostic and treatment experience.  The questions will be more specific about headaches and the initial examination will take longer.  The first visit takes approximately one hour, and it may require more than one visit to gather all the necessary information to create a full headache profile.
  • We will begin with the collection of a thorough medical history.  We provide our forms online to give patients plenty of time to prepare.  Involve your family in the process, if needed.  Ask them questions about their observations of your headaches; this conversation may help you identify some additional headache triggers and features.
  • Some tests already performed by other referring physicians may need to be repeated.  We ask that you be patient through the testing process.  If you have had tests performed in the past year, you may arrange to send them to us in advance of your visit for review; this may reduce the number of tests that may need to be performed.
  • You will be asked to keep a daily headache calendar, recording headache severity; the amount of and types of analgesics used as well as other acute medications; the degree of relief obtained; and the trigger factors, such as diet and menstruation. 
  • Your headache specialist may want you to stay at the hospital for a few days to get your headaches under control.

Based on the total evaluation, the clinic physician will recommend an individualized treatment regimen that includes:

  • The medication component: you clinic physician will suggest a program of specific therapeutic agents.  Patient response is closely monitored to evaluate the efficacy and minimize side effects.
  • A lifestyle-modification component: the patient is instructed in the areas of diet, recreation, sleep patterns and other habits linked to headaches.
  • A biofeedback training with a behavioral medicine component: this non-pharmaceutical approach enables the patient to be an active participant in their treatment and in alleviating headache symptoms.  Approximately 70% of all patients, especially pregnant women who prefer to avoid medication, benefit from this training.  It augments other therapies and is particularly useful for patients in whom stress is a major contributing factor to headaches or in patients being treated with medications for other health conditions who cannot tolerate standard headache agents. 


Headache Evaluations and Tests Offered

Your initial visit may take up to one hour at which time any or all of the following evaluations and/or tests may be performed

  • A detailed headache and medical evaluation
  • General neurological and physical exam 
  • Order appropriate testing such as MRI, EEG
  • Develop patient-centered treatment plan


Canceling an Appointment

If you need to change your appointment, please contact us at your earliest convenience to reschedule. Appointments may be canceled with 24-hour notice. Patients who fail to cancel their appointments more than 24 hours in advance may be charged a fee, payable prior to rescheduling, which will be credited to your account at your next scheduled visit. If you have any questions concerning our cancellation policy, please contact our billing department.

You will need to provide your billing number when contacting the billing offices.  If you make and fail to keep appointments on a recurrent basis, the Center reserves the right to refuse future scheduling of an appointment. ​​

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.